Created by an Australian charity, the Infinity:One is the best laptop for kids in class or at home. With Windows 10 for Education your students will be doing more with Infinity:One, plus it's tough enough to survive.

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Meet the laptop that thousands of Aussie students prefer over a Chromebook.

Infinity:One Chromebook
Windows 10

Full featured desktop OS.


Limited browser based OS.

Compatible with all Windows apps from around the Internet, and the Windows Store. Only compatible with Chrome browser extension apps from the Chrome Store.
Your choice of Internet browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and more. Google Chrome only.
Full Microsoft Office365 pre-installed and free for students.

Google Docs compatible.

Google G-Suite only.
Compatible with Minecraft, both educational and personal versions. Not compatible with Minecraft.
Drop proof to 70cm.

Splash resistant.

Dust proof.

No case required.

Consider buying a sturdy case.
Touch screen.

Included stylus and macro lens.

No touch screen model at comparable prices.
Classroom management software included free. Available from 3rd parties at an additional cost.
Device management available free. Available at an additional cost.

School Laptop Comparison

Used in over 120 schools around Australia

by over 8,000 Aussie students

Designed for classrooms

Specifically created for use with both schools and kids in mind.

Infinity:One is drop resistant up to 70cm and splash-proof.


Both a tablet and a laptop, the keyboard dock is included.

Hybrid Device

Windows 10

Keep things familiar. Infinity:One runs the latest version of Windows.

Try it yourself!

We'll provide up to 3 units to qualifying educators at $100 off each device.


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"The Infinity:One allows for the students to learn in the way that suits them. As far as I'm concerned, it is the ultimate learning device for the classroom."

Megan Townes

Microsoft Teacher Ambassador

"The durability, ease of use and versatility of the Infinity:One has made it a must have technology tool in our classrooms and the reason why we've ordered many more."

Andre Monardo

School ICT Manager

Free classroom management

software included with every

order of a class set.

Safely charge up to 10 devices simultaneously with a free charging rack - included with every class set.

Every Infinity:One comes with Microsoft Office365 pre-installed, and available free for students and teachers.

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